Kamis, 18 Maret 2010


Once upon a time there was a widow who lived in the village of Dadapan. She had a son whose name was Jaka Tarub. Dadapan village was close to a wood so Jaka Tarub liked to go to the wood. He liked hunting for animals with his blowpipe.
One day when he was in the woods he saw a beautiful rainbow and he saw the seven angels fell through. He came over and find them. The seven angels were swimming and bathing in a pond. Jaka Tarub looked at them while hiding behind a tree. When they finished bathing, this time Jaka Tarub have an idea, he took one of the angels of their clothing. When they had finished swimming and bathing, they saw their clothes. One of them could not find his clothes. His friends left to return to heaven so they left him. She cried while, Jaka Tarub approached.
His name Nawang Wulan, and Jaka Tarub went home to retrieve clothes and gave them to Nawang Wulan. She asked him to stay at his house with his mother. Not long after that Jaka Tarub Nawang Wulan married. As an angel Nawang Wulan has spiritual powers. She can cook rice with rice and bar only when it is done will be a full bowl of rice. But there is one stipulation. The bowl should not be opened until it is done. Jaka Tarub very surprised with the ability wife. She was very curious about it. So, when Nawang Wulan go he opened the bowl. As a result of spiritual power Nawang disappeared. He had to cook as a human being.
A few months later Nawang Wulan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. His name Nawang Sih. Sih added Nawang birth to Jaka Tarub happiness and Nawang Wulan. Since Nawang Wulan can not cook more efficiently, he needs more rice than usual. Rice inventories at their warehouses decreased rapidly. Then one day when he took the rice in there he was shocked. Nawang Wulan find an angel clothes. There was hidden under a pile of rice. He put it on immediately and talk to Jaka Tarub.
'I'm going to leave him but do not worry. I will take care of him. Every time she needs me, I'll be here. For that, please build the tower. When Nawang Sih laid there crying and calling my name. I'll come soon. But I will be seen by you. Good-bye dear ", the last words uttered by Nawang Wulan.

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